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Taking IB hasn’t changed me as much as it has developed me. Throughout my study in SMN, I have developed a greater confidence in myself and in my studies. Studying with a great group of classmates and with great teachers, has helped improved my creativity in many areas of study, and has also given me a set of practical skills that I am able to apply in areas beyond studying. IB wasn’t a piece of cake, but it wasn’t as hard as everyone kept telling me, and I am sure it was due to my teachers, my classmates, and my learning environment as a whole.

May Arryan Bachtiar

IB program has changed my life a lot. Through IB I became more mature by learning how to be more responsible and cooperate each other. Eventhough I only attened SMN for two and a half years, but I felt comfortable and enjoyed the school a lot. I think SMN contributed lots of motivation, unforgettable memories, and positive things in my High School life through IB curriculum. I never regret I’ve been taking IB and attending SMN in my life.

Elsianta Wangsadinata
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