“IB program has changed my life a lot. Through IB I became more mature by learning how to be more responsible and cooperate each other. Eventhough I only attened SMN for two and a half years, but I felt comfortable and enjoyed the school a lot. I think SMN contributed lots of motivation, unforgettable memories, and positive things in my High School life through IB curriculum. I never regret I've been taking IB and attending SMN in my life."

Elsianta Wangsadinata
"Taking IB hasn't changed me as much as it has developed me. Throughout my study in SMN, I have developed a greater confidence in myself and in my studies. Studying with a great group of classmates and with great teachers, has helped improved my creativity in many areas of study, and has also given me a set of practical skills that I am able to apply in areas beyond studying. IB wasn't a piece of cake, but it wasn't as hard as everyone kept telling me, and I am sure it was due to my teachers, my classmates, and my learning environment as a whole."May Arryan Bachtiar

“This program really changed my life and my perspective of studying. In university, students are expected to learn things independently as what I learned in IB as well. It was an unforgettable experience with my friends and teachers! I am really greatful that I was given an opportunity to take IB diploma when I was studying in MNIS and able to take further study to one of the best university in Australia.”

Sherlina Senthya

“In my university life, IB has helped me a lot, especially for the assignment and lab reports. I am certainly grateful for taking the IB program rather than the national program in high school, as it helps improving creativity, dilligence, and practical skills that are useful in University.

Moses Yosia
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