Elementary School

Where knowledge inspires growth

The SMN primary program is now integrating the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for early years and elementary, in order to help learners develop 21st century skills and education that will equip them for their future success. The IPC sets knowledge, skills and understanding at the very heart of every single component. By providing Units of Work, in which children can explore and develop their own personal growth in a context they understand, through different subject focused of the units.

The students’ learning is specially designed to enable children to develop both an international perspective as well as reinforcing students’ own cultural heritage. Building on the school core values, the IPC helps our children develop learning skills, personal characters, values, and the international-mindedness, which will be essential to deal with change throughout their lives.

Investigate. Explore. Interact.

As students grow in their new skills, they now enter a stage of exploration that will bring them deeper in their understanding and enhance those foundational skills. Our lively and engaging teaching technique allow students to be active partakers in their education, not just observers. When completing Elementary school, students have a solid foundation, on which, to build their higher education.

Elementary School is bubbling with life and learning.

The Elementary School consists of classes from Grades 1-6. Communication is essential to learning. Here in the Elementary School, students learn to express themselves in many ways. Through language, students predominately use the English language, while Indonesian and Mandarin are also learned in class. The use of writing, poetry, art, music, dance and times to just be kids are some of the many forms of communication that students enjoy and grow confident in their language acquisition.

Program on Elementary School

The Elementary School is organized by grade levels (1-6). Each grade level has a homeroom teacher as well as a host of other specialized teachers to complete the students’ education. Western expatriate teachers focus mainly on teaching English and Science, while local Indonesian teachers focus on teaching Indonesian, Math, Religion and Social Studies.

Grades 1-6

Everyday 8:00 - 15:00, except Wednesdays 8:00-14:00.


Students are taught through inquiry-based and best practices methodologies all the core subjects, and are taken from international curricula and standards. The English/Reading and Science program is taken from Houghton Mifflin (America), and the Math program follows the My Pals curriculum (Singapore). Social Studies is a unique blend of local and global topics that emphasizes their Indonesian culture while still guiding them to be internationally minded.

To provide a well-rounded and balanced learning program, students engage themselves in Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Computer Technology, Physical Education and an array of self-development courses.

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