The influence of a teacher is significantly profound in a young person’s life. This is why God holds the position of being a teacher to a high standard of accountability. The teacher has the power to help unleash a student’s potential, inspire a student’s spirit to reach for their dreams, and to encourage a student’s character to reflect that of God’s. As we do, the rewards may not be immediate, but they will be great.
We are honored that you are considering joining our teaching team here at SMN. We look forward to getting to know each other during this application process. We fully realize that you may have just as many questions as we do.

  • Teachers who are dedicated supporters of SMN Vision, Mission, and Philosophy.
  • Teachers who are committed contributors to student learning and development.
  • Teachers who are constant practitioners of creative and diverse instruction.
  • Teachers who are enthusiastic team players.
  • Teachers who are energetic motivators of school spirit.
  • Teachers who are life-long learners through professional self-development.
  • Teachers who are faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
  • By completing and submitting the following documents, you will be considered a candidate. You can expect to receive an email of acknowledgement upon us receiving your application form. If your qualifications and our needs seem to be a match, we will ask you to fill out an additional questionnaire. The next step will be to conduct an interview with you either in person or by phone.