There is no greater sense of belonging and security as when we feel completely accepted and unconditionally loved in a family. When we are surrounded by people we can count on in an environment of care without judgement, we are free to be ourselves and to grow at our own pace. At SMN, we do all we can to provide that safe and secure environment where students can let their insecurities go so they can be free to grow.
SMN accepts students from Pre-school (age 3) to entering Grade 11. Applicants for Grade 12 will only be accepted from other IB Diploma Program schools with matching courses. SMN is an English speaking school. Students desiring to enroll in SMN who are not proficient in the English will be required to take ESL in school and possibly after school at other English Language institutions or private tutoring. SMN does not discriminate against culture, color, or creed. Though we respect the religious beliefs of all parents and students, we are a Christian school where education is taught from a practicing biblical perspective. SMN desires an education for all children, and will attend to each child’s needs to best of the school’s ability. For student’s requiring facilities and specialists for certain physical, emotional, or learning disabilities, parents are encouraged to seek other educational institutions that can give their child the best care.
  • Set up an appointment by calling the office: +62 (22) 201-777-3.
  • Submit previous Grade reports and Achievement Tests.
  • Submit Application Form and Registration Fee.
  • Candidate student placement testing (English and Math) and interview.
  • If accepted, student may begin when fees are paid.

  • *Inquire about our Student Trial Program (3 days maximum).