Our Campus

Learn. Live. Love.

The core of education is a personal experience. At SMN we take the learning process to an individual and tangible level. What students learn, combined with interaction, expression, and reflection, make them holistic learners. Educating the whole being is vital to each child’s proper development.

We believe learning should be a living experience, not an apathetic one. When learning is active and connected to their lives, intrigue and passion are produced, and students become interested in partakers in their education.

The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

Each grade level is designed to develop and use the skills necessary to prepare students to be engaged learners fit for the IB program. This approach allows students to grow to their maximum potential in all areas of life as they are encouraged to be independent and life-long learners.


SMN uses international curricula from the University of Cambridge and theInternational Baccalaureate Organization to educate our students. In addition, we incorporate the Houghton Mifflin Reading program from America and Math from Singapore to maintain a high level of student proficiency. To meet the requirements for accreditation from the Indonesian Ministry of Education, we offer Religion, Indonesian Language, and Indonesian Civics & Citizenship.


We are located in the northern hills of Bandung just 130 kilometers from Jakarta. Our brand new campus sits on 7 hectares of spacious land amid the beautiful rice terraces. Fresh, cool air breezes through our windows each day along with the relaxing sounds chirping birds and the gentle flowing of the river through the property. In this green and open space, students enjoy the safety and peace of mind to focus on their learning.